Music Royalty Investing Content: Moving to a New Blog!

I've decided to launch a new blog DEDICATED to music royalty investing.

Previously I used the blog to cover both my views of personal finance, my journey towards FIRE (which includes music royalty investing), as well a commentary on investing in music royalties.

What I've discovered is there are 2 different audiences I've been catering to:

  • FIRE audience: My path towards Financial Independence Retire Early, and personal finance topics overall.

  • Music Royalty Investing audience: What the hell are music royalties and how can you invest in them.

Due to this it made sense to split my content into these groups. It will help me to keep my writing focused as well.

So with that being said:

  • IF you are mostly interested in Music Royalty Investing then is for you.

  • IF you are mostly interested in my FIRE journey then is for you.

  • IF you are interested in both, well then you've made me happy!

I've got some great content I'm working on for both of these blogs:

  • MusicRoyaltyInvest: I will be doing a deal breakdown on ANote, doing an overview blog post on the top options for investing in music royalties and the pros/cons of each, as well as announcing a new platform that's coming to market for music royalty investing.

  • 3QFI: I am going to be doing a series on our project of building our "retirement" home in Joshua Tree, CA, as well as updates on my real estate investing portfolio, pit falls I'm seeing in real estate investing, overall sentiment of FIRE as well as more.

So stay tuned!


Wanna support this blog?*

  • Personal Capital: My go to place for tracking all things Net Worth.

  • YNAB: My go to place for managing my spending and budget.

  • Betterment: I use this account for general investment purposes.

  • M1 Finance: I use them for my dividend stock investments.

  • Greenlight: How I manage my kids allowance.

  • ANote Music: One of the ways I invest in Music Royalties.

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As always this blog is meant for entertainment. I'm not a financial advisor in any way, shape or form. Anything I suggest here will need your own due diligence!

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