ANote Music: Summary Overview

I've created a bit of content between my Blog and Podcast about ANote Music. I wanted to capture it all in a single post for a more consolidate and comprehensive view for you.

But first...

As always this blog is meant for entertainment. I'm not a financial advisor in any way, shape or form. Anything I suggest here will need your own due diligence!

ANote Music is one of the primary ways I invest in music royalties. I've been more than pleased with their marketplace as well as the performance of my investments there. Given my experience with them they've showed up in several podcasts episodes as well as a blog post article. Below are a collection if podcast episodes and blog articles with a primary focus on ANote Music.

ANote Overview

In this Podcast I provide an overview of my views of ANote Music. I dive into the platform overall as well a provide a detailed breakdown of what I like about ANote as well as what I don't.

ANote Offering Analysis

In this article I do a deep dive into a catalog that ANote Music was offering for auction. Even though the primary auction has completed, this catalog is still available in their secondary market. But the real purpose of this blog post was to walk you through the process I use to analyze an investment on the ANote Music platform, as well as introduce you a bit to the ANote Music platform.

Read all about it here.

ANote Co-Founder and CEO Interview

In this podcast episode I chat with Marzio Schena (co-founder & CEO) all about ANote Music. We explore his history and what lead him to start ANote, the customer experience with ANote as well as what he sees in the future for both ANote Music as well as music royalties overall.

It's amazing to hear information straight from one of the leaders in this space!

Portfolio Performance Overview

Finally in this podcast episode I do a deep dive into the performance of my overall music royalty investment portfolio. This episode includes more that just my ANote Music investment but there's a section towards the end of the episode devoted to my ANote Music investments.

If you want go right to the conclusion, here are my returns thus far (but you'll want to listen to the episode to really grasp these returns).

  • Zero Assoluto:

  • Investment Made July 2021

  • 14% profit

  • Artur Gadowski:

  • Investment Made August 2021

  • 5.03% profit

  • Tomasz Lubert:

  • Investment Made August 2021

  • 7.14% profit

  • El Editions:

  • Investment Made August 2021

  • 6.82% profit

  • Piotr Konca:

  • Investment Made September 2021

  • 2.91% profit

  • Le Vibrazioni:

  • Investment Made September 2021

  • 4.96% profit

  • MRI:

  • Investment Made November 2021

  • 3.85% profit

  • Sundance:

  • Investment Made May 2022

  • .35% profit


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