Music Royalties are an exciting way to diversify your investment portfolio.  Learn about this exciting and growing asset class through the information collected below.

A great place to kick off your journey into the world of Music Royalty Investing is this video overview from Forbes:


Introducing beatBread: New option on the market for music royalty investments, investing as little as $2,000!. This offer expires April 16, so hurry....and tell them sent you for priority access.



  • Royalty Exchange: Bid on rights to royalty streams of specific catalogs. Generally takes several thousand dollars to get started. More catalogs available than any other competitor primarily due to the eXchange marketplace.

  • ANote Music: Purchase shares of royalty streams for specific catalogs. Requires minimal amount to get started. Mostly catalogs from Poland and Italy currently. Not a lot of options currently.

  • SongVest: Bid on rights to royalty streams of specific catalogs. Generally takes tens of thousands of dollars to get started. Not a lot of catalogs available.

  • beatBread: Ability to bid of partial shares of catalogs (investments as low as $2,000). 


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